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Hub City Chess

Supporting chess in Belen, New Mexico!

What we do

Learn Chess • Play Chess • Build Community

Learn Chess

Learning Chess has many benefits no matter your age, whether you are a scholastic, adult or a senior player. At Hub City Chess we offer learning sessions each month focusing on analyzing games, solving puzzles and learning new strategies.

Play Chess

We love to play chess at Hub City Chess! Our club has a deep tradition of playing chess along with hosting multiple US Chess Tournaments in the past. Please come out to play if you enjoy chess!

Build Community

More important than the game itself are the players. Without people, there is no club and without the club there is no community. Our focus is on helping build a closer community through a game we all love!

Weekly Agenda

Here is what we are doing this weekend.

Saturday August 24th 2019

Meeting Agenda:

11:45AM – 1:45PM – Belen Public Library Google Maps

This past weekend, on August 17th, we had 10 players out playing chess. Our team tournament was a lot of fun as we played Hand and Brain. So what is a Hand and Brain? In this two team format one player is the brain and the other is the hand. So, for example, Brain will say “pawn” and the Hand will need to figure out which pawn to move. Here is a video on how it’s played (

This weekend I invite all of you to come out for a special session for our August 24th meeting. I will be giving a chess skills assessment test to all the players so we can find where our skill levels are. Based on the outcome of the skills assessment I will be buying workbooks for all the players so we can work through the Steps Method. There are 6 steps to take a player from an 800 rating all the way to a 2100 expert rating. Please keep in mind, there is a lot of work involved to get through these steps but this is a fantastic opportunity for all chess players in our community to work together to expand their knowledge of chess. If you haven’t already please like us on Facebook


Joey Troy
Hub City Chess
Learn Chess • Play Chess • Build Community

Saturday August 17th 2019

Meeting Agenda:

11:45AM – 1:45PM – Belen Public Library Google Maps

Last weekend on August 10th we had a great turn out of players and we played a g/30 chess games and continued to take algebraic notation using a notation sheet.

This weekend Joey Troy who is our New Mexico State Delegate for US Chess will give a debrief of how this years US Chess Delegate meeting went. We will then be playing an interesting team Swiss tournament with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals being give to the top three teams. Again this is a free event for to the community! If you haven’t already please like us on Facebook

* Please note you will need to know how to play chess to compete in this weekends tournament.

Saturday August 10th 2019

Meeting Agenda:

11:45AM – 1:45PM – Belen Public Library Google Maps

Last weekend on August 3rd we played casual chess games and then we went over how to take algebraic notation using a notation sheet. We also went over some of the basic rules of chess like touch move, and also the proper way to adjust a piece on the chess board.

This weekend we will be playing g/30 which is a chess game played in 30 minutes for each player which means the game can total 60 minutes. We will also learn how to set a DGT digital clock and continue to learn how to take algebraic notation along with continuing to learn more rules of US Chess. If you are new to chess or seasoned player now is your time to come out as Hub City Chess as it’s 100% free to the public. If you haven’t already please like us on Facebook

Saturday August 3rd 2019

Meeting Agenda:

11:45AM – 1:45PM – Belen Public Library Google Maps

We will introduce Hub City Chess to new members and present the benefits offered for being in the club. The goal of this chess club is to inject Belen Community and surrounding areas with chess. Why chess? It is well documented that chess is a powerful tool for developing high order thinking skills, creativity, and memory. So, not only is chess fun, it is also a great way to elevate your mind.

Things you will learn with our club and benefits offered

  1. Learn to play chess following the official rules of US Chess
  2. Learn to notate your game using algebraic notation
  3. Learn how to use a chess clock
  4. Play chess! We will offer blitz, rapid play, standard play and even bug house
  5. Free analyzing of games so you can improve your chess
  6. Monthly learning sessions on tactics, strategies and openings
  7. Access to Chess Life and Chess Life Kids magazines you are welcome to borrow
  8. Play in monthly US Chess rated tournaments
  9. Learn how to become a Tournament Director so you can help host tournaments
  10. Once you learn these steps you can help teach new members that join or club so we can continue to thrive!

This club is free to all so please come by and check us out. We have multiple chess sets and chess clocks to play chess with, you are also welcome to bring your own equipment as well.

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